A goddess is girl or woman who is in tune with her ownself and her power even if not naturally the Goddess will seek a path in which she can learn to. The Goddess knows and understands her strengths and weaknesses, her beauty and her flaws and she chooses to love them and accept them all as gifts from the divine. The goddess is ever changing & evolving as the seasons so she knows that the journey to the truth of herself never ends.
Even though she may possess a fun & loving spirit she is not always accepted and understood by her peers because she flows with the tune of her own beat without a single fuck given. However, the Goddess has been through so many trials in her life that she has arrived to a place of ultimate self-love (resilience) so she does not care what people think of her because she is and has always been her own worst critic but now she chooses to ne her biggest fan.

   Many people may percieve the Goddess as high maintence, introverted, vain or bourgeious but she simply loves to look and feel beautiful. She likes beautiful things and beautiful places. She perfers to mingle with good energy. The Goddess is always seeking to express on the outside what she feels on the inside, beauty. Despite the fact of how much she loves beauty even on her “bad days” she still exudes the same level of self love and confidence because she knows that who she is inside is far more beautiful than anything she could buy at the MAC counter. The Goddess is so fascinated with beauty that she even finds beauty in things other people may not.

  The Goddess knows that she is her own competition so she never competes. In fact, the Goddess see’s it as her feminine duty to uplift other women she sees the Goddess in even if they don’t see it in themselves yet, and even in her darkest times the Goddess seems to always show up as the beautiful ray of light in the room.

A Goddess is a warrior who is always rising to any occasion with grace and attitude. She carries a vibe that most people cant pinpoint. Shes often referred to as an “Alpha Female”. Deep down she knows what she is even before she realizes it and when she finally decides to see the Goddess in herself her life is forever changed…..